This Is The Best Coffee Shop In Missouri

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You don't have to live in Portland or Seattle to have access to a great coffee shop. Every state in America has numerous coffee shops that roast their own beans, craft their own drinks and offer environments that are unique to their own regions —but only one can be the best in Missouri.

Tasting Table recently compiled a list of the best coffee shops in every state. They named Comet Coffee in St. Louis as the premiere spot to grab a cup of joe. Here's what they had to say about it:

"Tasting St. Louis isn't all about smoky ribs and pizza covered in Provel. At this Highlands coffee shop, you'll learn that The Lou does baked goods and farm-fresh food pretty well too. Comet Coffee not only pours single-origin coffee, but they've also got a full menu of food like breakfast sandwiches and Japanese curry sourced almost exclusively from local purveyors. Comet also acts as a micro-bakery, crafting croissants that people flock from all over greater St. Louis to enjoy. They've proven so popular, Comet opened an offshoot croissant shop called Comet Croissanterie, which may have become an even greater destination than the percolating original."

Going out of state? Check out the full list of the best coffee shops in every state from Tasting table.

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