Runaway Cow Tramples Two Men In Missouri

Adorable cow on field looking with interest into camera.

Photo: Getty Images

A runaway cow has been fatally shot in Missouri after it trampled two men, according to KATU-2 News.

It took police two hours to track down the cow after it escaped Tuesday afternoon from the Scotland County Livestock Market along North Clay Street in Memphis. Before it was caught, the animal injured two men near the intersection of North Browning Street and East McClintic Place, which is about a thousand feet southeast of the sale barn.

Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney said Jim McClintic was out in his yard surveying some storm damage when the cow charged at him. Marlin Oberholtzer saw the attack and came to the rescue. The cow then rushed Oberholzer and stepped on his chest. According to the sheriff, the cow kept attacking him and wouldn't let him go.

Nova Montgomery was driving by at the time and saw the attack. She drove her SUV into the yard to distract the cow, which is when it ran off. Eventually, it circled back around to the area of the attack, which is where the sheriff fatally shot the cow. The two men, both from Memphis, suffered moderate injuries and were taken by ambulance to Scotland County Hospital.

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