Chance The Rapper's 'Carpool Karaoke' Will Brighten Your Day

If you're looking to have your day get just a little bit (or a lot) brighter, look no further because Chance the Rapper's "Carpool Karaoke" segment with James Corden is the remedy to anyone's bad day.

For the Late Late Show's famed segment, Chance belted out a few of his hits, talked about his close friendship with the Obamas and Jay-Z, tried vegetables, which he absolute hates, blindfolded for the sake of our viewing pleasure, and he did it all while being his charming self. (You have to admit, the guy has an innate ability to bring a smile to your face)

After singing a medley of songs off his new album and previous projects alongside James, who surprisingly held his own with the talented lyricist, the Rhythm + Flow judge discussed his close bond with two of the biggest names in pop culture: the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Beyoncé's husband and business mogul Jay.

"I don't have his number, but I have a number for him. I have a person I could call that will say, 'OK, I'll have him call you,'" Chance replied when asked if he had Obama's personal number. "It's the same way with JAY-Z. JAY-Z and Barack Obama are very similar. Both of them have an assistant that you have to call, and then you get a call from a private number, and it's either JAY-Z or Barack Obama on the phone. I never know which one is calling when I get that call back number."

However, Chance did say he had Kanye West's number, which prompted James to recall a time that Kanye invited him out at 3 a.m. and the late show host admitted that actually contemplated leaving his bed to meet the 42-year-old rapper.

"Kanye’s definitely the kind of dude that will be like, you’ll meet up with him to do one thing, then he’ll be like, ‘Oh, I gotta go to Milan right now, let’s get on this jet," Chance told James. "And you gotta make a decision right there, like, ‘Am I about to follow Kanye to Milan, or am I gonna go on this date that I have?'”

To see Chance The Rapper's full "Carpool Karaoke" segment, click the video above!

Photo: Getty Images

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